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Second Sight

The Hitcher [4K UHD] [UK]

The Hitcher [4K UHD] [UK]

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Release Date: 30/9/2024

A would-be samaritan picks up a hitchhiker and soon discovers the man is a relentless serial killer. Framed by the cold-blooded murderer for a string of slayings, his only help comes from a caring waitress as they attempt to flee from both the law and the hitcher.
Special Features 
•    Dual format edition including both UHD and Blu-ray with main feature and bonus features on both discs
•    A new 4k restoration by Second Sight Films from the original camera negative supervised and approved by Director Robert Harmon
•    UHD presented in HDR with Dolby Vision
•    Features Dolby Atmos and original stereo audio mixes
•    New audio commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
•    Audio commentary with Robert Harmon and Writer Eric Red
•    Scene specific audio commentary with Robert Harmon, Eric Red, Executive Producer Edward S Feldman, Composer Mark Isham, Director of Photography John Seale and Actors Rutger Hauer and C Thomas Howell
•    The Projection Booth Podcast: featuring
Robert Harmon and Rutger Hauer
•    Bullseye: a new interview with Robert Harmon (41 Minutes)
•    Penning the Ripper: a new interview with Eric Red (41 Minutes)
•    Doomed to Live: a new interview with C Thomas Howell (28 Minutes)
•    The Man from Oz: a new interview with John Seale (10 Minutes)
•    A Very Formative Score: a new interview with Mark Isham (15 Minutes)
•    Duel Runner: Leigh Singer on the evolution of The Hitcher and Rutger Hauer (20 Minutes)
•    China Lake: a short film by Robert Harmon newly restored (35 Minutes)
•    The Calling Card: Robert Harmon on China Lake (15 Minutes)
•    Telephone: a short film by Eric Red (26 Minutes)
•    The Hitcher: How do these movies get made? (38 Minutes)
•    Trailers (5 Minutes)

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