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The Frisco Kid [Blu-ray] [UK]

The Frisco Kid [Blu-ray] [UK]

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Release Date: 4/3/2024

It's 1850 and new rabbi Avram Belinski sets out from Philadelphia toward San Francisco. Description: Cowpoke bandit Tom Lillard hasn't seen a rabbi before. But he knows when one needs a heap of help. And getting this tenderfoot to Frisco in one piece will cause a heap of trouble—with the law, Native Americans and a bunch of killers.

Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford are one feisty team as rabbi and rescuer in this rough-'n'-ready romp that rivals Wilder's earlier Blazing Saddles in Wild West hilarity. Director Robert Aldrich is a seasoned hand at blending roughhouse and laughter, as fans of his earlier The Dirty Dozen and The Longest Yard will attest.

With a full posse of screen talents, The Frisco Kid rides tall in the comedy saddle. Also starring Ramon Bieri, Val Bisoglio, and George DiCenzo.

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