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The Crazy Family [Blu-ray] [UK]

The Crazy Family [Blu-ray] [UK]

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Release Date: 17/6/2024

The Kobayashi family finally are able to move out of their tiny, cramped Tokyo apartment to the suburban house of their dreams. But things are not as perfect as they seem: the house is infested by termites and the family starts going crazy: Son Masaki is studying so obsessively for his exams that he’s losing his mind; daughter Erika is oblivious of all but her forthcoming record company audition, grandfather Yasukuni starts getting World War II flashbacks and father Katsuhiko is so worried about his family’s “sickness” that he thinks can only be cured by group suicide. As the Kobayashis’ house begins to crumble, so does the sanity of its inhabitants. Katsuhiko takes it upon himself to keep them from the asylum…at any cost.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

• Director approved remaster from the original negatives
• Feature length audio commentary by Tom Mes
• Director Gakuryu (exSogo) Ishii interview
• “The Crazy Family: Sogo Ishii’s Wild Child” Video essay by James Balmont
• Slipcase with artwork from Gokaiju
• ‘Directors Company’ edition featuring insert by Jasper Sharp – limited to 2000 copies

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