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Roaring Currents [Blu-ray] [UK]

Roaring Currents [Blu-ray] [UK]

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The year is 1597. The Joseon Dynasty has been under Japanese attack for six years. As the nation faces the possibility of loss as the Japanese military fearlessly pushes toward the capital, Admiral Yi Sun-Shin (Min-sik Choi) is reappointed as the Chief of Naval Operations and assembles a group of soldiers to defend the nation against attack. Japanese Chief Commander Kurushima (Seung-ryong Ryu), notorious for his cruel personality and clever strategies, responds by destroying Joseon's one last hope, the Turtle Ship. With just twelve battleships and an army of doubtful soldiers, Admiral Yi and his soldiers face 330 Japanese battleships in The Battle of Myeong-Nyang.

Of The Admiral, the Los Angeles Times writes, "The sea battles are absolutely epic, more realistic and thrilling than John Woo's 2008 Red Cliff or even Peter Weir's 2003 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

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