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Perfect Days [4K UHD] [US]

Perfect Days [4K UHD] [US]

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Release Date: 16/7/2024

A perfect song that hits at just the right moment, the play of sunlight through leaves, a fleeting moment of human connection in a vast metropolis: the wonders of everyday life come into breathtaking focus in this profoundly moving film by Wim Wenders. In a radiant, Cannes-award-winning performance of few words but extraordinary expressiveness, Koji Yakusho plays a public-toilet cleaner in Tokyo whose rich inner world is gradually revealed through his small exchanges with those around him and with the city itself. Channeling his idol Yasujiro Ozu, Wenders crafts a serenely minimalist ode to the miracle that is the here and now.

Special Fetaures and Techncial Specs:

  • 4K DIGITAL MASTER, approved by director Wim Wenders, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack
  • New interview with Wenders
  • Interview with actor Koji Yakusho
  • Some Body Comes into the Light (2023), a short by Wenders, featuring a new introduction by the director
  • Interview with producer Koji Yanai, founder of the Tokyo Toilet project
  • Trailer
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