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Major League [Steelbook] [4K UHD] [US]

Major League [Steelbook] [4K UHD] [US]

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Release Date: 2/4/2024

She’s beautiful, smart, goal-oriented, and she just inherited the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately, she wants to move the franchise to Miami, and a losing season is her only ticket to Florida. So she signs the wildest gang of screwballs that ever spit tobacco. They’re handsome, but they’re hopeless! Her catcher is a washed-up womanizer who struck out in life. Her ace pitcher is a punked-out crazy who struck out with the law. And her third baseman is more concerned fielding endorsements than grounders. Throw in a busload of other misfits and you’ve got yourself a hilarious line-up that’s destined for disaster! Or is it?

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