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Red Sun [Steelbook] [4K UHD] [UK]

Red Sun [Steelbook] [4K UHD] [UK]

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Release Date: 29/7/2024

Billed as the first East meets West Western, and directed by Terence Young, RED SUN is based on a true story from the American Wild West of 1870. When outlaw Link (Charles Bronson) is betrayed by his gang during a train robbery, he is forced by the Japanese Ambassador to help regain a priceless sword stolen by Link’s double-crossing partner Gauche (Alain Delon). Link and the Ambassador’s bodyguard, Kuroda (Toshiro Mifune), travel the West in pursuit of Gauche, attempting to lure him out by taking his girlfriend (Ursula Andress) as hostage. Although Kuroda plans to kill Gauche straight away, Link needs him alive to find the loot from their last robbery. Joined in an uneasy alliance, they have only seven days to find Gauche or Kuroda must follow his samurai code of honour and die by his own sword.


On the set of Red Sun - Extract from Pour le cinéma (Director: Pierre Mignot © INA – 1971) NEW Interview with Steven Okazaki Original Trailer

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